Friday 21.10 RIKSSCENEN 

17:00  Opening of infodesk, collect or buy your OCF pass or Concert & Party Pass. Only solo dance workshops are available for drop-in.
18:00-20:15 Workshops, 3 rooms

20:30  Doors open for Concert & Party (until 03:00) – 3 dance floors (SBK)

Miguel Gervásio Livongue, aka Livongh, brings us the very best of traditional kizomba, this concert is really something to look forward to! 
The festival’s international DJs will keep the dance floor moving both before and after the concert. There will also be several dance floors after the concert, with both kizomba and semba, salsa and bachata.

Saturday 22.10 SENTRALEN

09:30  – Info desk / Registration
10:00  – Workshops, 4 rooms 
13:30 –  14:30  Lunchbreak 

14:30 –  Workshops, 4 rooms 
20:00 –  Doors open, Showtime, Concert & Party (until 02:00) – 3 dance floors


Son Libre is a newly established ensemble of Cuban musicians specializing in Cuban traditional dance music. Here it will be lovely son, cha cha cha and salsa. For the occasion, they have invited two fantastic vocalists from Cuba, Daiyen Jone and Patricia Morales.


Sunday 23.10 SENTRALEN

10:30  –  Info desk / Registration
11:00   –  Workshops, 3 rooms 
14:30   –  16:00  Lunch & Daytime Social dance with dj’s

16:00   –  Workshops, 3 rooms 
18:00  –  Panel debate about the situation in Cuba (in Norwegian) 
19:00 –  Matinee

00:00 –  Festival Ends




Some guidelines for the workshops:

  • One of our staff members will be asking to see your festival bracelet on your arm entering the workshop. Our staff will also count the number of participants in the workshop room and regulate the maximum number of dancers in each room. If your chosen class is full, please choose another parallel class.
  • We wish to offer you a high quality event with enough space in the workshops for your best learning experience. We also make several actions in order to improve the gender balance of the event, so that everyone more easily may find a dance partner.
  • We ask you to kindly respect the level indications. The level is connected to the dance style of each particular workshop.  
  • Female leaders that have signed up for the event getting a LEAD Pass, must be consistent in dancing LEAD in the workshop (unless there are too  many lead in a particular workshop). We also appreciate you dancing lead in the parties.