dj mwami (uk)

Born in Democratic Republic of Congo. Blaise Mwami aka DJ MWAMI has been dj-ing since 2000, playing at different parties/venues at his home town in Kinshasa and London. He is the organiser of Corfu Beach Festival (Greece) since 2015 and part of Nomad Kizomba team (London). He has also worked alongide Park Plaza Salsa Ball (London) for many years, which has became one of the most glamourous Afro Latin nights in London. He came across Kizomba “accidentally” during one of his nights out in a Zouk club. He has since then fallen completely in love with the Kizomba culture and music, and been teaching and dj-ing at different festivals around Europe, sharing his love and passion for Afro Rhythms and Kizomba. Blaise plays Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro, Afro House, RnB, Reggaeton, Bachata, Mambo, Cuban salsa, Merengue and more.

dj jack (nl)

Jack (aka DJ Jack), is known for his work in the latin and Kizomba scene. Born in Baranquilla, Colombia and raised on the exotic island of Aruba. Lives currently in Eindhoven, Holland. He performs on stages in Europe and the Caribbean, and his music includes original Salsa, Mambo, Bachata,  Merengue, Kizomba or amalgamations of Afro-Latin styles.

What makes Jack stick out from other djs, is that he ha a very good ability to distinguish his music by reading the dancefloor and catering a mixture of sounds to his audience, continuing to evolve a unique style in Latin dance music with his passion and depth. Just come and try it out!

Dj CV: SalsaBreeze (NL), Axxes (BE), Calor del sur (FR), Son Cubanos (BE), Kaldenkirchen(DE), Club Hipz (AU), KizombaLounge (NL), Afro Latin Egypt (EG), Latin tour Ibiza (SP)

dj sezar (no)

DJ Sezar started to spin vinyls at the early age of 16. He began with hip-hop and R’n’B and then trance, jazz house and latin house and finally, with salsa, around 2003. Since 2009 his reputation as a DJ has been increasing and he has been worked on many congresses around the world. Over the years he has been working with local parties, clubs, bands, socials and festivals, helping promoters and performers, and he has also worked with both productions and shows. He is flexible and works with the floor – he will give the dancers various improvised sets of music. DJ Sezar mostly plays salsa mambo, from time to time giving the dancers something surprisingly different. His enjoyable, varied sets will keep you dancing all night long.

“I play music with my mind and heart connected to the dancefloor.
I play together with other DJs to move the floor as much as possible…..
It’s all about the party and the people!!!
I don’t play for myself or individuals….
And most importantly, I play for the present and the past musicians’… (Bless them all)” More about DJSezar here:

dj e-kins (sa/gh)

Emmanuel Sowah – a.k.a DJ E-Kinsis Ghanaian-born, currently based in South Africa. As one of the pioneers of the Afro-Latin dance community in South-Africa, he started his dancing career in the year 2000. He has been teaching dance and dejaying since. Renowned for his contagious energy on the dance floor, his dedication to music, dancing, and most importantly, to his students, DJ E-Kins is truly passionate about contributing to the growth of the Afro-Latin dance community in Africa. He has over the years retained his membership as part of the salsa and kizomba Afro-Latin dance community in Ghana.

dj maie (no)

DJ MaiE is one of the most loved & appreciated DJs in Stavanger‘s Latin and Afro dance scene. She always provides a great selection of music variety to suit every dance style and occasion (from Cuban/Line Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue, Dominican/Sensual Bachata, to Kizomba, & other Latin pop tunes). She also mixes perfectly, anything from new releases to the classics.
DJ MaiE plays on regular basis at Stavanger’s social Salsa and Kizomba parties and is the head DJ at The Stage Dance Academy. She is more than comfortable on bigger stages and has been invited as guest DJ in several festivals such as Stage Dance Festival 2015,2016,2017,2018, Salsa Nordic, Calle Latina, Blankenberg Beach festival, Oslo Kizomba Festival, SalsaNor Rueda Congress and OCF as well as concerts with Adalberto Alvarez and Havana d´Primera.
She creates a magical atmosphere with her musicality and passion, and this makes it hard for people to leave the dance floor. “You just want to keep on dancing all night long!”

dj lamissy (no)

Oslo-based Lamisi Gurah, aka dj LaMissy knows how to keep the Kizomba dancer happy on the dance floor. She is already a known artist in the Norwegian Kizomba scene, and has the last years played at several festivals and concerts mixing different zouk-based rhythmes like kizomba, zouk, ghetto zouk, cabolove and more.

dj tor (no)

Dj Tor plays most genders of latin and kizomba/semba music. He was playing also at Caribbean Feeling 2018 and the Norway Kizomba Festival 2017 and 2018. He is based in the Norwegian city of Stavanger, where he is a regular dj, besides playing occasionally in Haugesund. 

dj jp (arg/no)

DJ JP, aka DJ Juan-in-a-million Juan Pablo has been a part of the salsa scene in Oslo since 2001 and started Dj’ing in 2002. In 2003, together with 3 other DJs he pionereed the Thursday salsa in Oslo that has been going on until today. In 2004 he started the first 100 % salsa party concept in Oslo called Club Clave. He has played both national and international events and is know for his mix of dancefloor-friendly Salsa , both mambo, salsa dura, salsa cubana and salsa romantica.

dj armando (no)

Armando was the very first Zouk/Kizomba Dj in Oslo, and he has played some of the main stages in Oslo, like Rockefeller, Hard Rock café and Riksscenen. He has been doing also at concerts for for Denis Graça, Mika Mendes, TL Dreamz, Mayra Andrade og Grace Evora.

& more dis to be announced