Back at Oslo Caribbean Festival is this popular and very talented woman!! Hanna has always been passionate about dancing and has since the age of 5 danced several dance styles. She started dancing Cuban salsa in 2010. Shortly after she joined Latin Room show team, where she received thorough training in various dance styles such as jazz, Cuban salsa and Afro-Cuban dances, from the team’s trainer and choreographer, Juan Carlos Ortega.
Hanna discovered Dominican bachata after a trip to the Dominican Republic. There she learned about the roots and movement of the dance, and with this as a starting point she has brought her own style and creativity into the dance. 
Hanna is a trained instructor at the Norwegian Dance Association, and she has worked as a dance instructor since 2011. In addition to weekly classes she has also had several assignments as an instructor for companies and other events.  In her classes Hanna is an educator who inspires her students with her passion for dance and creative variations. She is known for having good structure and she wants her students both to have fun, as well as develop themselves as dancers.