Aliochy is back in the artist team at Oslo Caribbean Festival, where he entered for the first time in 2020!! And we are looking SO MUCH forward to it!!

Aliochy started his own Latin dance school in Oslo last year, RHYTHM, together with Miguel Carrazana and Martine Camilla Brænna. Aliochy was born in Cuba, raised in the city of Cienfuegos. Dancing has always been a big part of his life. As a child, Aliochy danced in the streets and later took courses in salsa, afro and Cuban dance techniques.

Aliochy had big ambitions with the dance, and wanted more. He then became a member of a professional dance company, “Wilfred Figueredo”, where he worked as the main dancer for 3 years. The style they danced in the company was “Cabaret”, which is composed of salsa. afro, jazz, modern, ballet and hip hop. Everything mixed into a terrific performance.

In 2010 he moved to Norway where he studied dance and pedagogy. In parallel with his studies, he has worked as an instructor, choreographer and dancer at various festivals, performances and events. He has also danced in the largest African-Caribbean company in Scandinavia: Tabanka Dance, as one of the main dancers. They have done several performances at the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, TV programs and performances abroad.
Now he dances in Show de Vida, a company that has had performances both in Norway and internationally, on TV and has had achieved great reviews in the newspapers for its productions at Edderkoppen Teater in 2019, and at Telenor Arena Fornebu in 2021.