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SalsaNor is a volunteer cultural organization with extensive experience in organising national and international cultural events.

Unknown to many, SalsaNor, was founded in Oslo, but under the name Salsero´s. SalsaNor as we know the organization today, was originated in Stavanger in 1999. It later expanded with a department in Trondheim in 2006. In 2015 SalsaNor started a project organization in Oslo with its head office and work spot at Sentralen and now the circle is complete.  All the SalsaNor-departments are cooperating very well working for the overall aim to spread Latino-American and Afrocaribbean dance and music all over Norway.  We are also a platform for professional Caribbean & Latin-American dancers and musicians and artists to meet and receive new assignments and to develop as artists in Norway.
The main events organised by SalsaNor are: SalsaNor to Cuba dance holiday (Cuba, Easter), LatinWeekend (Trondheim, June), SalsaNor Rueda Congress (travelling, September) and finally Oslo Caribbean Feeling (Oslo, October).

We also have a video channel with instructional dance videos of Rueda de Casino on Vimeo: video.rueda.casino



Daniels Dance Academy


Main organisers in person

Reidun Svabø & George Daniels have the main organising responsability for the event, and together with them a marvellous team of volunteers!!

Photo: Knut Werner Alsén