In the last editions of Oslo Caribbean Festival, we’ve included different verbal program, like Rhythmical Forums, panel debates, seminars. This year we think it’s important to lead the focus towards the situation in Cuba, being one of the countries that some of the important genders we represent in the festival, have originated.

‘The new crisis in Cuba’, is the topic for this panel debate, where some of the people that are well updated on Cuba these days will participate. Read all about the topics and the panel participants here.

The panel talk will take place at 18 hrs in Forstanderskapssalen in Sentralen 3rd floor. The Sunday Matinée starts immediately after.

We invite all of the festival participants to joins this very interesting panel talk, and get updated on Cuba and it’s increasing disrespect for Human Rights.
Unfortunately for the non-Norwegian speaking participants, this panel talk will be in Norwegian.