One more day!! We cannot believe that we are actually launching Oslo Caribbean Festival 2021 TOMORROW!!
Our MC Moe Flex is already here, and the rest of the traveling artists are preparing for take-off. We would like to share som practical information with you for the festival coming up:


How to get to the venues

If you do not live in Oslo and have the app already, we recommend downloading the RUTER app or visit the ruter website, where you can enter your destination and it will give you all the public transport options on how to get there. Or just use google maps if you are walking or using a scooter.

Address Riksscenen for Friday: Schous Kulturbryggeri, Trondheimsveien 2.

This venue is quite in the center of Oslo, and there are trams and buses stopping just beside. The main entrance to the venue is inside the square.

Address Quality Hotel 33 for Saturday and Sunday: Østre Aker vei 33, Økern.

It´s a 5 min walk from the nearest tube station, and there are buses stopping a bit closer. You can also use a scooter to get there.

From Riksscenen to Quality Hotel 33 Friday after the concert

Some of you are staying at Quality Hotel 33 and need to get there after the concert and party Friday night. We have a shuttle between midnight and 2 in the morning, primarily for the artists, but during the 4 or 5 trips the shuttle makes in that time frame, there will be some seats available for hotel guests also. One trip cost 50 NOK, paid by Vipps entering the shuttle. Please contact our shuttle host outside the main entrance of Riksscenen to ask for available space. Please note that this is a very limited offer, mainly for artists but with a few available seats each trip.

Apart from the shuttle, we recommend getting together 3-4 people and share a taxi. Or take public transport, but it will take a bit longer.


Where do I get my pass?

On Friday our info desk for registration and picking up your festival pass is open from 5 in the afternoon, at Riksscenen.

Saturday its open from 9:30 in the morning, workshops from 10, in Quality Hotel 33.


Finally we would like to inform you about two matters that is nice to know about:

The first is about gender balance this year. Normally we put, as many of you know, a lot of effort in obtaining a good balance of lead and follow on our festivals, to give all participants a good dance experience and offer high quality dancing. This time we have not offered couple passes because our sales period was during corona time and there was no couple dancing. And we could not sell couple pass if we were not sure about any couple dancing. This means that we have a stronger dis-balance this year than before. We ask for your understanding for this!

Secondly, we would like to inform that the largest workshop room, and also the room where we will have the Rhythmical Forum, the dance shows and artist presentation, there is only a small part of the floor that is wooden, the rest is carpet. Therefore this room is not one of the social dance rooms, and the classes in this room are mainly afro and kizomba.

Then we just have to say WELCOME to a real Caribbean boost from tomorrow. We can´t wait to see you!!!!