Saturday Night is showtime night! Except for one solo show by the professional dancer Yordano Bulgar Friday before the concert, all the other 7 shows will take place Saturday night at the Caribbean Explosion Party. Master of Ceremony for the evening is of course the one-and-only Mr. Moe Flex. 

The concept of Oslo Caribbean Feeling, is primarily present some of the great artists and high competence we have in Norway from the different latin og afro-caribbean dance styles. Another aspect of the dance scene in Norway, are all the show teams, amateur and semi-professional, that create fascinating choreographies and prepare great costumes. Some of them are representing their dance schools, others have gathered dancers from different schools, and are professional dancers. The Oslo Caribbean Feeling festival is thrilled to present a total of 8 amazing dance shows this year.

The shows will take place during the Caribbean Explosion Party from approximately 21:45 hrs in the Conference hall at Quality Hotel 33. Here is a presentation of all of them:

The new and very successful dance school Rhythm dance school is presenting no less than 3 show teams this year, representing different dance styles, and led by the three wonderful dancers Aliochy Aragón, Miguel Carrazana and Martine Camilla Brænna.

Bachata Showteam

Dancers: Maiken Engelstad, Mingyuan Zhang, Anita Ivan, Kateryna Irzhavtseva, Marisol Silva, Cathrine Brevik Østnes
Choreo: Miguel Carrazana

Salsa Showteam

Dancers: Helene Fjågesund, Karoline S. Rønning, Saho Kitayama, Lejla Musovic, Maria Dyulgerova, Ivana Marisol Silva, Maiken Engelstad, Mingyuan Zhang
Choreo: Aliochy Aragón & Martine Camilla Brænna

Afro Showteam

Dancers: Thea Christine Hjertholm, Jessenia Nicol Sepulveda Valdes, Chau Nguyen, Iselin Natalie Garcia Fredriksen, Rukia Almuzahim, Magnus Bratseth Halle, Darek Ciazynski, Isidora Jovanovic, Monica Wibecan
Choreo: Aliochy Aragón


Oslo Dance Company is extremely proud to present their ladies team Oslo Women Movement led by Stine! They will perform their Grande Premiere show choreographed by Gatica. These ladies were working extremely hard and are so ready to show the result! They are all about empowering ladies, they are empowered ladies themselves! They support each other and help each other grow! They are powerful, gorgeous, sensual and so diverse personalities! We love them and we believe the stage is going to be on FIRE!

Oslo Women Movement

Dancers: Stine Fjeld, Maren Werner, Kari Hjelde, Jovana Dasic, Karina Pak, Urd Eidstein, Dorota Lislevand, Agnieszka Kuras, Eline Furu Skjelbred, Aneta Johnsen, Vanessa Morch
Choreo: Gatica


And of course, from SalsaNor Trondheim and main teacher and choreographer Magda Prichodko, we have a wonderful showteam of 9 girls, that will present 2 different shows for us.

SalsaNor Ladies Showteam

Dancers: Eirill Mehammer, Vibeke Dalåmo, Silje Yvonne Brenne, Kristin Elisabeth Haugstad,  Cathrine Thomassen, Sofie Mehl, Ingrid Løes, Valentina Martinez, Line Blom Salvesen
Choreo: Magda Prichodko


Finally we are very proud to present 2 shows from professional Cuban dancer Yordano Bulgar. He will do one show Friday before the concert, and the other one on Saturday, both his own choreographies. Yordano was working with the SalsaNor dance holidays ‘SalsaNor to Cuba’ before he moved to Norway autumn 2019. Now he is teaching regularly at Salsakompaniet. He is a beautiful dancer with a unique energy and presence on stage.
Photo: Tovita Razzi Event Photos

Yordano Bulgar

We simply can’t wait to see all of these wonderful dancers!! Be sure to be there Saturday from 21:30. Cover 250 NOK. Included in all Oslo Caribbean Festival passes.