Oslo Caribbean Festival is more than just dance. We wish to present a broad and interesting variety in our program, and therefore we also include live concerts, art exhibitions, meals and… talks! This year we have a Rhythmical Forum with several great speakers Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday afternoon an interactive seminar with Moe Flex on a topic we all need to talk about. Both at 17 hrs in the Conference Hall at Quality Hotel 33. Read more about it all here.


Saturday: Rhythmical Forum

For the Rhythmical Forum we have no less than 4 interesting topics:

Esteban Isnardi will be talking about, and perhaps even demonstrating, the roots of the salsa rhythm and dance gender, and introduce to us some of the legends that you just have to know who is, if you are just slightly interested in salsa history.



Jazzy Ruiz will share his knowledge about music understanding for the dancer and the importance of musicality and  connecting to the dance.


Norways own kizomba-mentor, Tone Pettersen, will let us in on the topic ‘Kizomba, roots and relations’ and share some music with us so that we can learn and understand more about kizomba.




And finally, our beloved Master of Ceremony, Moe Flex, is asking the crucial question: “What on earth happened to bachata?” Get ready for the revelation of the evolution of bachata, by Moe Flex.



Sunday interactive seminar: Lockdown after-effect

We’ve spent much time discussing how to cope with Covid during the last 18 months.

Now we want to discuss how lockdown, and coming out of it, have affected people. How do we move forward as a community?  What’s next for US?

Moe Flex is leading this very needed, interactive seminar.


Don’t miss out on these two super-interesting sessions during the festival!