The OCF Artist Team looking good – yet more to come..

During the summer we have been announcing the festival band Henri y su Kache and the other artists. Of course Mr. Moe Flex will be back for another year, hosting, teaching and more or less being involved in all the program. Esteban Isnardi is joining us for the first time, and will not only teach, but also bring his exposition of caricature drawings, that will be available at the festival hotel, Quality Hotel 33, during the entire event.

Workshop plan

The workshop plan will be presented shortly, with around 40 workshops from Friday to Sunday.

Half of the passes sold by August

At this point half of the passes are already sold. Prices go up 21st of August, so if you haven´t yet got yours, this is a good time to do it. We will also consider stop sales for ladies the last few weeks and introduce couple pass instead, in order to maintain a good balance at the event.

Our longing for social dancing

We get quite a few questions concerning Covid-10 restrictions and social dancing. And the answer now, in August, is that it is too early to give any definite information on this. We can only say that we are having contact with the Oslo municipality, and we will follow the guidelines they propose at all times. We will be making some more concrete announcements concerning this as we get closer to the event.