Oslo Caribbean Festival initiated some healthy conversations in order to raise awareness of UNhealthy behavior on the social dance scene during the festival October 2020?
Thursday 18th of March 2021 we did part II of this super interesting conversation monitored by Moe Flex.
It lastet almost 3 hours and more than 400 messages were posted in the chat, which tells us that many others think this topic is an important one.
The topics we focued on were amongst others the following:
* How do we, as social dancers, teachers and organizers, go about to agree on what is accepted and not accepted behaviour, and how do we spread knowledge about this?

* We are unsafe immediately as we feel we have not given our consent to what is happening to us, and it does not have to be sexual. But there is also often a lot of shame connected to these experiences. How can we create a community where it is not shameful to talk about these issues?

One outcome of the debate was also to establish a more formal network internationally to continue working on these subjects and attending CLIMBS training and certification for organizers and artists.