We are extremely proud to announce that the OCF festival 2020 will terminate with the showing of a beautiful, artistic dance film, produced in Norway, on Sunday 25th of October. The film will be introduced by the creator himself, the artistic leader and choreographer of Tabanka Dance Crew, Thomas «Talawa» Prestø.

That Voudou That We Do- is a dance film with a current topic. It addresses Black Lives Matter, and the body politics of the African diaspora through deep cultural practices such as Voudou dance.

This dance contains foundation of Salsa, Samba, Mambo, Rumba, House, Hip Hop and most of the popular diaspora’s popular dances. Few know the non-secular roots of these systems of movement and the anthropomorphic approach (the embodiment of nature) that is central to these forms.

The film acknowledges the atrocities that still afflict Africans in the western part of the world, while its focus is on healing, recognition and realization.

The film also shows how a recorded work can retain the musical swing quality, breath and pulse that are so close to the African genres.

This exclusive film screening is included in the OCF festival pass, and takes place immediately after the conference. This is really something to look forward to!