Finally!!! What we have longed for: LIVE salsa music!
On Saturday, October 24th, the 11-piece orchestra Son Candela will be on the Riksscenen main stage, spreading Latin American rhythms and pure joy.

The Norwegian-based orchestra was established in 2009 by five Latin American performers living in Oslo: Carlitos Kako Aranguiz (Chile) on Cuban Tres guitar, Luis Sucari (Peru) on bass, Vicente Manet (Cuba) on song, Magela Herrera (Cuba) on the flute and Eduardo Cedeño (Cuba) on the congas. With its origin from both Peru, Cuba and Chile, the quintet put together a varied repertoire of salsa songs from various Latin American countries, to the delight of the Norwegian dance focused audience.

Today, Son Candela has grown into a full-fledged salsa orchestra, and in recent years has spread high-quality Latin music at national festivals and scenes such as Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Cosmopolite Scene, Union Scene and St Croix. Furthermore, the orchestra has performed several times in Sweden.

The repertoire includes various types of salsa (Cuban, Timba, Salsa from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama), and other Latin American rhythms such as bachata, cha cha cha, cumbia and more.

The name Son Candela firstly reflects the roots of modern salsa music, which is the Cuban Son, along with several other Afro-Cuban rhythms, and the word Candela (= flame) describes the passion the band wants to share with the audience and the salsa dancers.


Luis Sucari – baby bass/kor
Carlos Aranguiz – cuatro gitar
Mario Corrado – piano
Vicente Mañet – Lead vocal
Eduardo Cedeño – Timbales/kor
Marius Bastiansen – Congas
Øyvind Brekke – Trombone
Brage Ronglien – Trombone
Flavio Diaz – Guiro/kor
Rayner Camps – Lead vocal
Christer Sevilhaug – elektrisk gitar 

The concert is included in the Oslo Caribbean Pass!

Note!! In order to adjust to the Covid-19 regulations and to the audience interested in the concert, there will be offered two shows with Son Candela. There is an early concert at 19:00 for audience outside the festival. And the main concert, which is the one included in the festival pass, starts at 21:00.