Friday 25th it´s Fiesta de los Muertos, inspired of the Mexican tradition, and it´s also our showtime night!!

The concept of Oslo Caribbean Feeling is to primarily present some of the great artists we have in Norway from all different latin og afro-caribbean dance styles. We only invite our in-house Master of Ceremony, Mr. Moe Flex (UK), each year, and a couple of other variations of international artists. But all the rest of the artists live somewhere in Norway, where they teach dance or dj regularly. They are many, and highly qualified! 🙂

Another aspect of the dance scene in Norway, are all the show teams, amateur and semi-professional, that create fascinating choreographies and prepare great costumes. Some of them are representing their dance schools, others have gathered dancers from different schools, and some do not attend any specific school or attend many of them. The Oslo Caribbean Feeling festival is thrilled to present 5 of these show teams at the main stage in Riksscenen during the Fiesta de los Muertos!!

And, as if this was not enough, we also have the pleasure of presenting a show from some of our best teachers, and also professional dancers, Jazzy & Vyara from Salsakompaniet!

The shows will take place from 21:45 hrs in the main hall, Hovedscenen, presenting the following:

Groovin Heels

Dancers: SalsaNor teacher and professional dancer Magda Prichodko, with her team dancers Mariann Nordahl Karterud, Kathinka Fürst Ihlen, Anne Louise Kleiven


C-Baila Show Team

Dancers: Hanna Mathilde Søreng, Angelique Magnussen, Mia Elise Ronander, Daria Kolosovskaya, Kristine Harket, Lone Christina Näsberg, Makarena Isabel Sazo Saavedra, Su, sanne Svarverud, Andrea Martinez Satorres, Vilma Vaitilaviciute, Camilla Lunde


Rueda con Fuerza Feminina

Dancers: Elisabeth Arnesen, Renate Øyum, Ruta Gromholt, Simona Grasso, Siri Heggebø, Tone Serville, Carina Louise Bergh, Maren Trondsen Johansen


SalsaNor Ladies Show Team

Dancers: Inta Zwankhuizen, Eirill Mehammer, Vibeke Dalåmo, Silje Yvonne Brenne, Kristin Elisabeth Haugstad, Francys Espaillat, Ingrid Løes, Cathrine Thomassen, Charlotte Bjørkli, Oda Nissen, Tuva Strindberg


SalsaNor Men Show Team

Dancers: Bent Erik Anseth, Tormod Taraldsen,  Andreas Hamre, Bjørn-Are Therkelsen, Magnus Halvorsen, Borja Serra, Celine Bergum


Jazzy & Vyara from Salsakompaniet

Can’t wait to see all of these wonderful dancers!! And to the audience, remember to be on time, by 21:45 Friday the 25th at Riksscenen!