Less than 24 hours before the BIG day when it all starts, we have an update on the artist situation:

Oslo Caribbean Feeling was yesterday informed that Cuban dancer Victor Gonzales, living in Istanbul, Turkey, has not been granted a travel visa. This is due to the traveling restrictions during this period of conflict in Turkey and the assaults on Kurdish territory. Only essential travel is being granted, teaching at Oslo Caribbean Feeling is not essential.

To cover some of Victors workshops, our very popular rueda teacher, Bernt Rygg, will do some interesting Rueda de Casino classes. Maikel Angel will teach the Son class. And Ricardo will teach Semba on Friday afternoon, instead of the Salsa class. We recommend all cuban style dancers to attend Yordanos class on use of Rumba in Cuban Salsa, offered at the same time.

Finally, our female dj LaMissy, is on an important work assignment abroad, and will not make it in time for the festival either. But, there are 9 other amazing dj´s that will share their music with you this weekend.

We hope you are ready for a Caribbean Boost coming your way!! We are super ready!!!