Do you expect to actually get to DANCE, even a lot, when you buy your Pass to join a dance event?

Of course you do! We think it´s not only important, but even a responsability we have as event organizers, to make sure everyone can find a dance partner at the Oslo Caribbean Feeling, and any other event we make. That is why we are forced to limit the sale for single women. We work hard to produce high quality dance events, and aim for everyone to have dance partners to dance with, during workshops, during socials and during the parties.

17 years of experience organizing dance events has taught us a lot, and we know that you will be very grateful when you get to Oslo Caribbean Feeling in October and see a nearly 100% balance of ladies and men, or leaders and followers, at the event.





Signing up in couples, even though you don´t know the other person, nor dance on the same level or even plan to go to the same workshops; it will always give you a better price on your OCF Pass. And it keeps the gender balance stable! So we urge you to make an effort in finding someone to sign up with. It is cheaper for you, and it makes a better event for all.

We also urge men to sign up early, so that we can release more single ladies pass for sale. Thanks!! And see you in Oslo in October!

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