In the Lusophonic / Portuguese-speaking music world, this nearly 30-year-old band is already legendary, and has been doing several tours, in the United States, in Europe and of course across the African continent. In the 90s and early 2000s, the band released four albums with great success. They were also nominated for Ngwomo Africa (the African Grammy) and sold to platinum.

Then several things that would have dramatic consequences for the successful band ocurred. A much-loved band member, keyboardist Caló Barbosa, passed away in 2006. At the same time, the financial crisis hit the local music industry hard. The band’s drummer, Dinho Silva, chose to move back to Angola in 2008.

Ten years in silence followed, while the band’s fans all over the world urged the band would to back on stage. And here they are!

Mikas Cabral – song, guitar, Juvenal Cabral – bass, Jânio Barbosa – keyboard, Mimito Lopes – keyboard, Cau Paris – drums, Kabum – percussion, Lars Arens – trombone, João Capinha – saxophone and Cláudio Silva – trumpet

This is one of the greatest concert experiences this autumn!